Malicious software designed to steal online names and passwords is skyrocketing – both in volume and level of sophistication.

New Trojans have been discovered which can steal money from your bank account and post a fake balance.

Keylogger programs can record everything you type and transmit it all back to criminals, without you ever knowing.

A new infected website is discovered every 3.5 seconds (almost 24,000 every day).

Safeguards you, your money and your identity from online theft and fraud.

ID Vault is the only product specifically engineered to create a direct – and fully secure – connection to your financial, shopping or any other password-protected online accounts.

Logs you into your accounts and enters any credit card information without typing, protecting you from malware which records your keystrokes.

Constantly monitors over 8,000 financial and shopping websites to provide an extra layer of protection.

Protects your usernames and passwords by encrypting them to a secure location on your PC, available only to you.

ID Vault is compatible with every major brand of PC security software. Your computer should have anti-virus and other protection installed to safeguard against viruses, worms and other online threats.