How It Works

ID Vault provides complete protection against identity theft and fraud for your online accounts. It encrypts your passwords, usernames and credit card information securely on your PC. ID Vault also logs you in without typing and creates a secure end-to-end connection between your PC and online accounts.

Hardened Security in 3 Easy Steps

  • Add the online accounts you want to
    protect to ID Vault just once, then choose
    the account you want to log in.
  • Enter your ID Vault PIN.
  • ID Vault automatically logs you in to your account. No need to remember any usernames and passwords!

Behind ID Vault’s sleek and intuitive user interface is serious security designed to protect users from password stealing malware. ID Vault uses a unique, three-tier security architecture to thwart cybercriminals:

Two-Factor Authentication

A PIN-protected vault stores usernames, passwords and other information needed to log on to websites using a two-factor authentication process. PINs are remotely authenticated by White Sky geographically distributed servers to ensure that criminals are not able to access information even if someone were to steal a user’s PC. Remote authentication also protects against dictionary attacks against the local ID Vault credential store.

IP Whitelist

A white list of over 8,000 financial and shopping sites that is continuously validated. When users log-on to a monitored Web site, ID Vault checks the IP address and domain to ensure that users are not phished, pharmed or redirected. It also verifies the presence of a secure SSL connection before proceeding with the log in process.

Secure View™ Private Browser

The ID Vault SecureView™ browser opens a secure connection to financial websites and submits credentials automatically to protect users from a variety of network, key logging, screen scraping and Trojan-based attacks. SecureView also blocks malicious browser plug-ins that may compromise system security.