Welcome to the new ID Vault!

If you have ID Vault icon that looks like one of these, then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

We have changed ID Vault in order to make it compatible with Windows 8, as well as Internet Explorer 10 and the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. We will no longer support the older ID Vault versions – the ID Vault-branded plug-in device, the ID Vault Premier Edition, and the ID Vault Portable Edition, and so customers with existing ID Vault subscriptions will need to migrate to the new version.

There is no replacement for the ID Vault Portable Edition. ID Vault can only be installed to a Windows computer. It cannot be installed and used from a flash drive.

If you have a current ID Vault subscription, you can move to the new ID Vault by following these few, simple steps to:

1. Backup your stored account information
2. Remove the older ID Vault software from the computer
3. Install the current ID Vault software
4. Restore your account information, or create your secure accounts.

1. Backup your current ID Vault stored accounts

Click on the ID icon at the bottom of your computer screen

Click to open the ID Vault Control Center

Click “Backup”

Select "Back up my account information to a secure file"

2. Remove the ID Vault software

After you have created your backup, run the ID Vault Cleaner to remove the old ID Vault application.

Click here to download the ID Vault Cleaner

Restart the computer.

3. Install the new ID Vault

Click here for the new ID Vault download page

Once on the page, follow the download and installation instructions. When the installation is complete, if you created a backup of your stored accounts, then skip any steps to add accounts from the account wizard, the scan feature, and click to cancel the “Add Accounts” balloon. If not, follow the instructions to add or create your accounts.

4. Restore your accounts

Launch ID Vault by clicking on the ID Vault icon

Select the Options tab

Click Restore

Browse to and select your accounts backup file

Your accounts are now saved in the new ID Vault.

You're done!